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journey to Cloud CX.

Hybrid work is the new normal. Untethering from on-prem systems, scaling instantly to match demand, and using—versus maintaining—is the new path to success. Together, Verizon and Genesys give you everything to complete the journey to Cloud CX—so you can give your customers the complete experience they crave.

A complete cloud solution.

Cloud contact center

Verizon and Genesys offer a complete solution to help you migrate to the cloud. A single MSA contracting vehicle, total integration between network, platform, security, and third party applications, and support from analytics, AI, and automation, means you can deliver empathy at scale.

Not ready to move to the cloud yet?

Digital CX solutions can be layered on top of any CX platform, so you can deliver automation and digital transformation before migrating to the cloud. In addition, Verizon and Genesys are here to help you map out the multitude of journeys your current—and potential—customers can take across your footprint.

A complete partnership.

Verizon + Genesys

For over 25 years, Verizon has been a top Genesys Partner. Verizon has achieved Partner of the Year eight times, and was the first to introduce the platform to the cloud and continually led bringing Genesys innovations to Verizon customers.

One of the top five support partners globally—and one of the few offering Tier 1-3 support—Verizon works across network, cloud, security, and integrated applications as a single point of contact with end-to-end SLAs by integrating Verizon inbound transport to Genesys cloud. Additionally, Genesys’ highly active cloud configuration in three availability zones is extremely resilient, and showcases status in real time.

The Verizon and Genesys partnership is further reinforced by investment spend in Cloud R&D that includes over 1,000 developers delivering 3-5 platform features a week without impact to the customer. This feature velocity constantly evolves—driven by our user community—to make sure that when the transition to CX is complete, it stays that way.

1 years

Combined experience designing and delivering CX

1+ migrations

Total cloud migrations performed by Genesys

1 billion

Genesys customer interactions annually


Technical Certifications (held by Verizon)

1+ billion

Minutes of IP inbound annually

Complete flexibility

Shift CapEx to OpEx to better manage budgets and quickly scale for needs as they happen. Enable remote and hybrid workers securely and on demand, with the added benefit of feature velocity, so your CX teams are equipped with the best technology—always.

Complete automation

Transform your contact center to maximize efficiency, while delivering experiences your customers will love. Gain the immediate benefits of AI, bots, and other automation tools that deliver faster response times, and help customers find solutions on their own. In turn, make agents' jobs easier, boost revenue, and grow customer loyalty.

Complete analytics

Get increased insight into the customer experience with analytics—business-centric analysis of contact center data. Detailed reporting of application performance includes call data, Voice User Interface elements, agent performance, SLAs, and more. Optimize efficiency and performance with everything from a mobile-accessible supervisor desktop to real-time metrics, reporting, and call monitoring. Drive more customer transactions to completion—faster—and attain higher customer satisfaction.

Complete integration

Combine industry-leading Genesys Cloud CX with Verizon IP Contact Center's (IPCC) global transport network for multichannel CX with single point of contact, and end-to-end SLAs on a single contract for maximized discounts.

Complete resilience

Improve business continuity and disaster recovery through modern security standards that offer protection from outages and breaches. Genesys' highly active cloud configuration is extremely resilient, and showcases real-time status in three availability zones.

Complete future-proofing

Modernize your contact center with a composable CX platform. In addition to a weekly set of feature releases, customize the platform they way you want it, and choose from a powerful set of voice, digital, AI, analytics, and workforce management capabilities. Optimize your solution with a rich set of open APIs, pre-built integrations, and the expansive AppFoundry® Marketplace. Using a cloud based platform with feature rich addons that continue to evolve provide the foundation for future-proofing solutions.

Complete a successful migration.

Complete journey

Verizon and Genesys are uniquely positioned to make migration a success with a process that goes beyond just deployment. Continued support makes sure the promise of cloud CX is delivered.

Phase one 1-2 weeks

Phase two 3-Sprints, 18 weeks

Phase three


Discovery starts with a series of assessment workshops at your site with:

Your team

Project sponsors

Executive management

Project team

CX, social/online, and digital stakeholders

IT management, infrastructure, and enterprise architects

Our migration experts



Mobile outbound

Quality management

Workforce management


In the first workshop an assessment of where you are will cover:

How you engage with your customers

The state of employee engagement and operation

The second workshop will focus on your goals and:

Define your customer experience vision

Set goals for what success looks like for your company and customers

Finally, the discovery session will identify gaps:

What stands between you and your vision of success

What potential issues may arise during deployment and how to resolve them


A personalized migration plan starts with a deployment plan to define:

Where it's hosted

Genesys Cloud

And how

Subscription based

On-premises with cloud services


Get use cases to take the guesswork out of your customer experience transformation and get breakdowns for:

Improved customer experience

Reduced operational costs and increased revenue

Accelerated deployment leading to a shorter time-to-value

See a plan deliberately phased for you that breaks down:


Network connectivity

Agent experience

Softphone, SIP hard phone, and headsets


Desktop applications


CRM lookup

Cloud services



Legacy IVR

Education of your team

Get a estimated delivery and pricing breakdown and demo of CX features like:

AI with predictive engagement

Predictive routing

Blended AI with voice



Journey management


During 2-3 weeks create a plan for moving to the cloud without disruption through:


Discovery and requirements

Call flows


Over 3-week sprints begin to deploy for Verizon or BYOC connectivity



Agent experience

Chat/Voice Bots




Continue with demo and UAT for:

Management experience


Agent experience

Continue with Demo and UAT for:



Technical debt UAT



With deployment complete, start to build out digital channels and launch new customer experience initiatives and develop context-based next best actions across:


Web engagement


Proactive engagement

Use reporting and data visualization to see how things are performing and what can be improved on the fly and without disruption.

Improve engagement with customers by offering employees:


Real-time training

Coaching tools


Constantly bring on new enhancements and optimize your customer experience:

Engage on new digital channels

Drive actions through context

Add new performance metrics

Increase employee engagement

Connect data and AI together to predict and personalize the experience with:

Speech and text analytics that shape customer dialogs

Journey analytics for customer engagement analysis

Predictive routing, predictive engagement and machine learning

Digital support with bots

AI-based workforce engagement management

Complete empathy

Empathy in service interactions is crucial. When emotions are understood, a customer is more likely to be satisfied with the overall interaction. Empathy and emotional understanding also leads to positive brand perception.

Complete studies

See how a large bank delivered better experiences.

By moving everything to a single flexible cloud based platform, this bank was able to connect with customers and deliver empathy at scale.

See how a global manufacturer consolidated its platforms.

By developing one corporate standard platform for all business units, this manufacturer simplified deployment and on-boarding while providing consistent experiences globally.

See how a healthcare provider migrated to the cloud.

Cloud modernization brings scalability, agility, and flexibility to the contact center, while providing consistent and seamless experiences across the customer’s channel of choice.

Complete your journey to Cloud CX.

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